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What compareGroups does

Descriptive tables and exploratory plots
Take a look at some examples of typical descriptive tables present in most of epidemiological analyses. For each example you will find R syntax to reproduce them step by step using compareGroups functions.

Use compareGroups

Download compareGroups:
Download compareGroups package from R CRAN repository to use it locally in your PC or Mac. To begin with, you may try to reproduce the code in examples.

Web User Interface (WUI)
Use compareGroups from a remote server and without having to type R code (interactively). Analyse your own data or use existing examples to learn how the WUI works. This application works on any device (even a smartphone or a tablet), you only need internet connection and a browser!

Do you need some help?

Read the manual
In this manual you will find an exhaustive explanation of compareGroups functionality, as well as real examples illustrating how the package works.

Enter the forum
In this forum you can ask questions, discuss, and share your experiences using compareGroups to other users. If you have a question, you can scroll through the list of topic titles, use the search field to search all previous discussions, or browse the list of current topic tags (click ‘Tags’ below right). Alternatively, feel free start a new topic yourself.

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