Carotid Local Arterial Stiffness Percentile and Vascular Age Calculator


This app was designed as a user-friendly interface, seeking to provide a handy tool for both researchers and clinicians who work with noninvasive indices of arterial stiffness: Distensibility Coefficient (DC) and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV). We provide percentiles by sex and for individuals coming from Healthy* and General* population. Reference values were derived from a representative sample of individuals from the province of Girona, Spain (REGICOR Study). Additionally, the app calculates the “Vascular Age” or “Aging Excess” of a given individual with respect to the 50th percentile of an individual of the same age from a Healthy* population. A template report can be created with the introduced data. Full percentile tables and curves can also be downloaded.


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Use of the app is for both clinical and research purposes.

No identification data can be introduced, thus not violating any confidentiality.

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